The spine: the central pillar of our body

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Une colonne vertébrale saine

The spine is the central pillar of our body, structure and posture. It supports up both physically and psychologically.

However, we often need a certain level of solidity in our body to feel this support. Consequently, we end up mixing stability/security and tightness/contraction. This is a subject we will come back to in future newsletters.

What is important to know for today is that the spine needs to be able to adapt constantly to support us. How? By being both stable AND flexible. Tightness is not a durable option.

We can observe this flexibility on three planes of movements: flexion/extension, lateral flexion and rotation

This week’s practice will help you begin to develop a more flexible and stable spine in a few minutes per day.

Are you up for it?

My yoga teacher used to say that the most important in our personal practice was to perform every day one flexion, one extension, one lateral flexion and one rotation. I dedicate this practice to him.

Are you practicing with my videos?
Your feedbacks are very valuable to me!

See you next week!

P.S: From 2021, videos will be both in French and in English. The 2020 videos are only available in French.

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