We forgot how to breathe

Retrouver une respiration aisée

Most of us have forgotten that breathing has the capacity to bring about a dynamic balance in us both physically and psychologically.

We indeed tend to breathe just enough to maintain life, which is highly insufficient when it comes to ensuring the deep respiratory exchanges that are at the basis of physical and psychological balance.

Our way of living – between sedentary life and intellectual work – has greatly diminished our body awareness. We only feel our body during certain activities like sport, gardening or yoga.

So where is our attention focused ? Often in our heads.

In this week’s video, I explain the impact such focus has on us and I show you a simple practice that you can do anywhere. You can literally change your energy levels, your digestion, your grounding and more in only 11 minutes for 1 month.

Why 1 month and not 1 week? When we work with the breath, we want to let it adapt without controlling it. Breathing has its own rhythm. Having enough time allows this rhythm to unfold in the best way. In my private practice, my work has also a deep indirect impact on breathing. I will come back to you on this.

Enjoy the practice!

P.S: From 2021, videos will be both in French and in English. The 2020 videos are only available in French.

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