When the body gets confused

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Too much information can created confusion as can too little information.

When the body does know where it is, what happens around it, it will react. Solidify. Tensions will appear.

A consequence of this solidification is that certain parts of the body will loose their independence: for example the pelvis and leg will move like a bloc. We could compare this fusion to the one a couple could experience. It could be an amazing experience for a while but, soon enough, both partners would suffer from having lost their own identity.

It is possible to relearn to each part of our body to find back its singularity while working with the others. It’s one of the basis of the work I offer in my practice.

Differentiation is not something we can decide mentally, we need to make a sensorial experience of it. This experience requires preconditions: find back a sense of support and weight, an orientation.

You are welcome to experience this with this week’s video.

Enjoy the practice!


P.S: From 2021, videos will be both in French and in English. The 2020 videos are only available in French.

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