Difficulties to start 2021?

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Hello everybody ! Happy New Year!

The start of 2021 has made me ask myself how to deal with low levels of energy.

A certain slowness, inertia and sluggishness have indeed characterized the beginning of the year.

Every period has its own dynamics. There might also be a lot from 2020 that still needs digestion; however the year has been experienced.

When the energy starts to be missing, challenges are manifold:

We are more likely to revert to old habits and tendencies (body, mind, emotions,..)
Even if we know what we could/should do, it may be really hard to put it in practice (this is often true but even more when energy levels are low)
The addition of the two first points may create a negative feedback loop leading to a not-so-positive spiral
Does this sound familiar? If your answer is YES, you may be asking yourself how to deal with this situation?

First, sit down. Become aware of your feet and pelvis. Feel your breathing.

Second, remember: even if experiencing more difficult moments is a normal part of life, it does not make it less difficult. Be gentle with yourself, tolerant, generous. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

The benefit of the doubt?

Yes, I invite you to doubt the idea that you are regressing, the guilt, the idea that the main problem is YOU.

When well-known challenges reappear, it might actually be the opportunity to experiment them differently. Any small change in how you live and respond to these challenges counts. For this, it is useful to regain some energy!

Resistance, contraction and repulsion are usual responses to challenges. In the body, it is often expressed through tensions and contractions in key zones, like the jaw. The body is consuming crazy amounts of energy to keep these tensions and contractions going, to keep the resistance going (without us being aware of it most of the time!).

What is important to remember is that, by reducing significant energy consumption, you are gaining energy back. This month’s practice will help you experiment it 🙂

Does it help you? Let me know.
Your feedbacks are precious to me.



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