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Rolfing Structural Integration is a body therapy, halfway between yoga and osteopathy

It aims at enabling the body to re-establish an alignment by recreating a better connection between its different parts. Dr Rolf, founder of Rolfing, was one of the pioneers in understanding the link between connective tissue (fascia) and the body’s structure & posture. Working on fascia is therefore of great importance in Rolfing.

“Who is Rolfing for? The woman and man in the street” says Hubert Godard, Rolfing teacher and practitioner. “When it’s posture that causes pain or malfunction, doctors can’t do anything about it. You have to make a change in yourself.”

Rolfing has a wide scope of application and understanding. Experiencing it seems to be the best way to understand it. Below you will see a few definitions my patients have given.


The therapy is a long-term process and has a real value with a long-term commitment.

I therefore always propose a first “introductory” session before embarking on the therapeutic process.


Introductory session
Adult: 180 CHF (90 to 110 mn)
Child: 140 CHF (70 to 80 mn)

Treatment session
Adult: 160 CHF (80 to 90 mn)
Child: 120 CHF (50 to 60 mn)

Rolfing should be recognized by every complementary health insurance. If you have no insurance, contact me to inquire about the adapted pricing.

Do you have a question?
Please check the FAQs.

Rolfing assists you in gaining awareness of your posture, your body and where it is in space.

ASCA, RME & Visana

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