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My approach

When a new patient comes to my office, he or she often arrives bearing a posture that has become uncomfortable, a body that feels a bit cramped.

Together, we take a look at how the different segments of the body are related and explore how they could be reorganised to make the body more ‘integrated’. The goal of the therapy is not to achieve an absolutely upright, perfectly balanced posture.

The aim is to find an optimal organisation for the body, in which it regains options, the possibility to adapt. Ease, freedom, and greater efficiency.

A posture, freed from a certain number of habits and conditioning, which can help the patient gradually align with his or her own identity.

The therapy’s effects can often be felt beyond the body and posture, with an impact on psychology, emotions, behaviour, the way of seeing the world and oneself.

My approach includes a number of key tools: touch, manipulating the body’s fascial layers, re-educating movement and posture, and working on perception and self-awareness. I use Rolfing as my main therapy. It can be supplemented by yoga, embodiment and meditation for which I also offer individual sessions and workshops (coming soon).

My latest addition is the online programme, SUPPORTED. This programme has been created to support people who are experiencing grief or loss to start regaining the ability to rest and restore through their body and posture.

A symbol

Right from birth, the nautilus begins to build its home.

It lives in the first chamber of its shell for as long as it feels comfortable in there, continuing to grow all the while.

One day, the nautilus has to leave its current chamber in favour of a larger one, which it makes based on the previous model.
And so, as time goes on, the nautilus grows and adds new, larger compartments. It seals each compartment when moving on to the next, vacating them one by one, leaving each behind until they form a magnificent spiral of a shell, a golden spiral.
ASCA, RME & Visana

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