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Frequently asked questions

Why come to consult you?

Most people come to see me because they are experiencing uneasiness or pain in their bodies, often for a long time. Back pain (lumbar, cervical, sciatic) is the most frequent reason for consultation. There are two typical examples:

  • the patient who has been seeing an osteopath every two months for the same issue and is looking for a more durable solution,
  • and the patient who’s given up hope of finding a solution.

Before coming to see me, most patients have, in fact, consulted many specialists without achieving any real success. Those who have not consulted elsewhere, are seeking a global solution from the outset, one that takes into account their psychological and physical state and their life context.

Working on posture and your relationship with the body is another frequent reason for consultation (stooped posture, body image issues, uneasiness).

When the body changes – during pregnancy, following an accident, an operation or an unexpected event (grief, mourning, loss…) – therapy can also provide support for patients and help them feel good again.

Do I have to be in pain to come and see you?

No, you don’t! Working on your body and posture is a gateway to overall health. We can therefore work in depth on your personal needs, whether you are experiencing pain or not.

What symptoms or illnesses can you treat?
My work is not aimed at directly treating a symptom or disease but at finding a new overall balance where symptoms can diminish or disappear on their own.
Does your work complement osteopathy?
Yes, it does complement osteopathy. Depending on the case, I also advise some patients to consult an osteopath before or instead of consulting me.
How many sessions are needed?

The therapy is a long-term process and has real value with a long-term commitment. If both parties decide to engage in the therapy after the introductory session, we make an oral contract for 10 sessions. After these 10 sessions, we assess the progress and decide whether to end or continue the therapy. Please know that you are not bound by this contract and are free to stop the treatment at any time!

Are you reimbursed by complementary health insurances?

Rolfing should be reimbursed by all complementary health insurance. I highly advise you to check the coverage directly with your health insurance provider.
Yoga is reimbursed by certain complementary health insurances.

Do you work with children and teenagers?
Yes, I work with children from 6 years old. It is important that they have the ability to express how they feel (other medium than speech possible) and are really interested in the therapy. Same for teenagers!

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