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Are you experiencing grief or loss? Are you feeling lost? Shaken? Are you caught up in the storm?

This online programme is created for you. Begin to regain the ability to rest and restore, have more energy and vitality.

Before developing this programme, I asked myself many times how some people manage to get through the suffering and hardship of grief and loss with grace.

Looking first at my own experience, but also that of my relatives and patients, I realised that one ingredient made all the difference: SUPPORT.

Feeling supported

This support can come in infinite forms. The support you receive from family, friends, society, an animal, an association, an activity, a job… Not to mention the support one receives from the community. It’s important to cultivate these sources of support, but they can sometimes vanish or disappear, be it temporarily or permanently. Fortunately, there is another more “sustainable” form of support available to you: the sense of support that you build in your own body.

To accompany you in cultivating this sense of support, I propose daily practices (yoga, meditation, embodiment, etc.) that are short, powerful and effective. The programme runs for 6 weeks and each week, you get access to a new video. Come and check it out!

ASCA, RME & Visana

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