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For ten months, I’d been suffering from neck and shoulder problems as well as epicondylitis, and my various visits to the osteopath and physiotherapist had not brought about any lasting solution. As the sessions progressed, the way I stood improved and the tensions caused by the bad postural habits I had developed were significantly reduced.


I had a lot of back pain and I was looking for a solution to improve my daily life. I felt the effects quickly along with a noticeable transformation. Today, it’s been almost 7 months since I finished the sessions. My daily life has improved a great deal.


Becoming more and more stooped, I was seeking help to improve my posture in a natural way. A very enriching experience working on movement and posture with a very competent and empathetic practitioner and a personalised approach. The results go beyond my expectations. I’m very satisfied.


Sandra treats me as an equal in the therapy, it’s both troubling and moving. It’s a collaboration, we work together (not like with an osteopath). I feel real compassion from Sandra. She heals a wound and helps me reconcile myself with an issue. I realise just how much the therapy isn’t only about posture, and that’s surely the most important thing.


Highly competent and professional. Simply the best in her field! Don’t hesitate.


I highly recommend Sandra who does an excellent job, working with finesse. She is truly present, there with you. I appreciated her ability to put into words what she observed and her clear way of explaining her observations. This allowed me to become more aware and change some of my habits and postures. Thank you, Sandra. I wish you the very best for the future.


The advantage of the therapy is that it’s natural. You feel at ease with your body, you listen to it and modify what does not work using a gentle method.


What I found in Sandra was someone who listened wholeheartedly to how I was feeling psychologically and physically. She showed great integrity and wonderful support.


In the end, it’s about working on our relationship with others! Ha! Like psychotherapy but through the body.


I was able to understand where the back pain came from and find a lasting cure. I’m very satisfied with the treatment I received. It helped me feel good again.


I had lumbago problems (back pain) and the results were very positive following the treatment. The pains have disappeared and it seems to me that consciously or subconsciously I have changed certain behaviours. Excellent contact with the therapist who clearly identified my problems and needs, which is very important to me.


I was able to modify my posture and the way I move subconsciously (exploring sensations and integrating new movement patterns).


Rolfing assists you in gaining awareness of your posture, your body and where it is in space.


It was always a pleasure, after each session I felt relaxed and light. There were many problems that needed resolving and which required other care than Rolfing. All I can say is that it is one of the therapies I followed that helped me a lot physically and psychologically. The objective is to treat on a long-term basis. To bring about change, not just repair like other therapies. The therapist is the key asset. A good listener, friendly and very professional.


A bit like an osteopathy session, soft and in-depth. Comprehensive as it also includes posture.


Highly competent and professional. Simply the best in her field! Don’t hesitate.


Rolfing is a therapy which looks at the body in a holistic way, like an integrated whole. It offers the body another way of operating in which it can move beyond not-so-valuable habits.


Have a reset following a bike accident. Deep work on the posture inducing chronic tensions. Adequate treatment time, desired efficiency, tensions gone.


I had severe pain in my wrist and stiffness in my joints. Rolfing is a method that has really helped me.


I felt a huge difference between the way I sang before and after the sessions. I am more anchored and therefore more liberated, both vocally and on stage. My body and mind are more connected. I already had a good awareness of my body, but Rolfing gave me the tools to take things further. It’s actually about gaining awareness. I think I’ll go back in a while and do some more sessions!

ASCA, RME & Visana

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