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Overloaded with information?

Gérer la surcharge d'informations

We are almost continuously receiving massive amount of information.

Today’s information age could easily be compared with gargantuan feasts where we would repeatedly be invited and that we could not decline. The food would quickly become indigestible whether we feel it or not. By becoming indigestible, it could also become harmful to our body.

Information needs to be digested in the same way as food. Digested and integrated. This is only possible if enough time is given to our body for this process to take place. Unfortunately, most of the time, we have hardly started to digested the first part, that we already add a second and third.

What are the consequences ?
We could start feeling saturated, confused, stressed or tired to speak only of benign symptoms. With the pandemic, this tendency towards saturation is reinforced and mixed with an explosive cocktail of emotions.

So what to do?

  • As with the food, we could define certain time slots where we ingest information: for example, maximum 2-3 meals per day.
  • Start an intermittent fasting of information: 16 hours of pure digestion with additional inputs. If you listen to the news at 16h, you can start reading the next news the next morning at 8h.
  • Pamper your senses with a daily yogic purification practice. This is the topic of this week’s video. It is a powerful practice which allow the senses to find a place to rest and restore inside..

Enjoy the practice!

P.S: From 2021, videos will be both in French and in English. The 2020 videos are only available in French.

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