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Meditation: the aliveness within

Méditation guidée - la vie en nous

I had the plan to continue exploring eyes and vision with you this month but another subject suddenly appeared more relevant: exploring the aliveness within us

With spring and Easter (the celebration of life), the time of the year is particularly conducive to observing this aliveness outside of us so why not inside?

Becoming aware of this aliveness within us means reconnecting to a force present within each of us in any circumstances. It is relatively easy to feel disconnected from it. Stress, screen time, anxiety are some of the reasons of this feeling of disconnection.

We might feel disconnected for a while, yes but this aliveness is always there, as long as we are alive. We simply don’t feel for a while.

The astounding beauty of spring reminds reconnects us to this aliveness. You might then wonder why we would need to explore aliveness within us?

Well…have you ever felt more joyful, calmer, in a good mood or less anxious when the sun starts to shine, the bird to sing and the flowers to bloom?

Could exploring the aliveness within us bring a little bit more joyful, a little bit calmer, a little good humored, a little bit less anxious whatever the outside circumstances? And maybe much more than that?

That will be for you to explore with this month’s practice 🙂


P.S Next month’s practice will build on this one. If you enjoy it, practice it often, ideally every morning, till the next video

ASCA, RME & Visana

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